Jumat, 27 Maret 2009

Friday GAY Beef

Holy freakin' beef! I've never thought much about rugby (well, there WAS this one hot guy in college that I knew played rugby) but the guys over at RugbyGuys have definitely gotten my attention. Following the lead of the French Dieux du Stade, someone has put together a group of American and Canadian gay rugby players. Sale of the calendars goes to support gay amateur athletes. Sounds like a good cause to me!

While I was looking at the RugbyGuys site, I followed things to GorillaBeach, the firm that put together the calendar. They've got several models on their site, one of which is the hairy, uber-sexy beef to my right. Oh my! Those eyes, that chest, the shoulders... Oh so nice!

source: http://echeblog.blogspot.com

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